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Instant Tax Solutions knows that the IRS prefers to work with tax professionals, especially if those tax professionals are former IRS agents. So not only does Instant Tax Solutions provide tax professionals to act as an intermediary between the taxpayer and the IRS, the company also has tax professionals on staff who are well versed in the protections available to the taxpayer.

Announcement: Instant Tax Solutions Scam Complaints Are False

This released recently from Instant Tax Solutions: Scam and distorted complaints information online comes from an unreliable source. Spurious writing of an Instant Tax Solutions scam are circulating the web. The scam cites information that was allegedly obtained during a phone conversation between an employee of the firm and a potential client. The “client,” who was later found to be an actor working for a rival tax debt resolution company, says that he was paid a great deal to call and post false claims online. He has apologized to the firm.

Instant Tax Solutions knows that, if you owe back taxes, you may find yourself experiencing stress. As Instant Tax Solutions points out, that can be unhealthy, especially if it’s ongoing. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden alone. The tax professionals, enrolled agents, and former IRS agents at Instant Tax Solutions can work with the IRS to come to a resolution that will work for both parties.

Spotting a Scam; Instant Tax Solutions Offers Help

As a taxpayer, you may wonder how to spot a scam. No worries. Instant Tax Solutions’ scam spotting advice is here for you. First and foremost, scam companies insist on a large payment up front and refuse to work unless the entire fee is paid. If the fee is dropped considerably to ensure an up-front pay-off, it might just be a scam. Another red flag is scam companies will have several former addresses or no US address listed on their WhoIs account or website, if they even have a website.

When a taxpayer owes money to the IRS, it often seems like a dramatic event. The tax professionals at Instant Tax Solutions see taxpayers with these issues on a regular basis, however, and know that the sooner the taxpayer works out a resolution, the better. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away and in fact, ignoring back taxes will often cause the debt to escalate until liens are placed and assets are seized.

Instant Tax Solutions Helps Scam Victims Regain Financial Control

Scams are just one reason that people get into debt with Uncle Sam. Post Falls, Idaho, based Instant Tax Solutions is a tax firm specializing in past due taxes. They have helped hundreds of clients sleep easier at night knowing that help was on the way. Instant Tax Solutions says scam victims are a huge demographic in the world of taxes. One wrong business deal and an individual or corporation can be out thousands of dollars to the government. Now, with Instant Tax Solutions, scam victims have a source of hope and an ally in the battle for their hard earned dollars.

Instant Tax Solutions provides a free consultation to help prospective clients understand all of the options. An Instant Tax Solutions professional will then review options with you and decide how to proceed. If you choose to work out a payment plan with the IRS, Instant Tax Solutions can contact the IRS to try to get the debt reduced. In certain cases the IRS is willing to relieve much or all of the debt, but paperwork will need to be completed. Instant Tax Solutions’ staff of experienced tax preparers can help you maximize your opportunity for a relief of some or all of your past due taxes.

Idaho Based Instant Tax Solutions no Scam

With Instant Tax Solutions scam citations online, how can a consumer be sure who to trust? If you’re a taxpayer wondering the same question, good job keeping on your toes. The answer is that with the anonymous nature of the Internet, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. When Instant Tax Solutions scam claims first popped up, the firm was quick to point out that reputable regulatory bodies were never contacted about the issues and that the website for the BBB has no unresolved issues on file for Instant Tax Solutions. Scam claims are false, and the firm’s busy practice is a testament to that.

If you owe back taxes, Instant Tax Solutions can help you find the relief you need. Simply by reducing the stress you’re feeling over your IRS debt, Instant Tax Solutions can help return you to the peace of mind you deserve. Whether it’s through a payment plan or working out a reduction in the amount you owe, the accountants, tax professionals, and IRS enrolled agents on staff at Instant Tax Solutions are prepared to help you.

Instant Tax Solutions Scam Scope With Today’s Thought

Scams are pretty simple to spot. Taxpayers looking for a better way to settle with the IRS can get distracted easily by flashy promises to bring taxes down to zero. That, according to Instant tax Solutions Scam Scope – ITS snippets of advice to taxpayers – is one giant reminder to take a step back and breathe. No one benefits from a scam except the scam artists themselves – so be careful out there and stick with a trusted agency, like Instant Tax Solutions. That’s the thought of the day.

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