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Information Nation recently had the opportunity to chat with Instant Tax Solutions about a topic that most avoid: Unpaid taxes. Instant Tax Solutions offered information for business owners about unpaid employment taxes, audits, and overall payroll tax issues.

Hard Questions Addressed: Instant Tax Solutions Complaints

Q. Why do Instant Tax Solutions complaints found online have so little identifying information regarding issues with the firm?

A. There is at least one Instant Tax Solutions complaint found online that has been confirmed as false. For firms like Instant Tax Solutions, complaints fabricated by other tax debt resolution agencies are often posted online in an effort to convince taxpayers not to hire the firm. The competitor’s hope is that by posting false Instant Tax Solutions complaints they will attract more business for themselves. Instant Tax Solutions asks potential clients to check the BBB website for the real scoop on the firm

Information Nation: Can you tell us exactly what Instant Tax Solutions does?

A: Certainly. We are a tax debt resolution agency – we help people take control of their tax debt.

According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints found online should be ignored until the poster validates claims with hard facts. The team says that Instant Tax Solutions complaints received by actual clients of the firm have all been resolved. Regarding these current unvalidated Instant Tax Solutions complaints, the firm has repeatedly asked for the individual posting them to step forward. Until such time as this happen, it’s asked that consumers disregard these Instant Tax complaints.

Information Nation: Like unpaid income taxes?

A: Yes, that, but also we have experts in the complex field of employment taxes, business audits, and payroll issues.

Nationally acclaimed tax debt resolution agency Instant Tax Solutions says complaints made by clients can offer a welcome opportunity to grow and increase a customer’s satisfaction level. Accordingly, Instant Tax Solutions complaints are resolved by a continued line of open communication between the firm, the client, and the IRS. As Instant Tax Solutions complaints are received, the owners and staff work together with the client to ensure a satisfactory outcome. To date, the timely response time to Instant Tax Solutions’ complaints result in their current clients to continue utilizing the firm.

Information Nation: What exactly are employment taxes?

A: Taxes that are collected or paid on behalf of a worker by their company to cover Social Security, Income, or Medicare taxes.

As Instant Tax Solutions complaints have made their way onto the Internet, the firm reports to clients that they have been posted by competitors. The Instant Tax Solutions complaints are meant to gain consumer attention and pull it toward other firms. The purported issues are not authentic Instant Tax Solutions complaints and seem to be geared – personally – toward certain individuals involved with Instant Tax Solutions. In fact, a complaint found on one site makes false statements defaming the character of one of the owners.

Information Nation: What happens if an employer fails to convey this money to the IRS?

A: Just failing to deposit employment taxes on time can result in high fines – up to 15% of the unpaid balance after just a few days. Penalties cascade, too, which can drastically increase the amount due. If the IRS suspects fraud, then they can start the audit process.

In the last few months, a series of Instant Tax Solutions complaints has been spotted by the firm on various websites. The allegations noted are misrepresentations of the truth and are not even written by a former or present client, says Instant Tax Solutions. A complaint has been filed by the firm to the websites where the false information has been spotted. At Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are not left unanswered and there are no records or files of the issues of which they are accused. While Instant Tax Solutions has complaints from time to time, they are usually issues regarding clients wishing that Instant Tax Solutions were located in more states – and that is one complaint the firm is happy to hear!

Information Nation: Why is the IRS so rough with the penalties?

A: Failure to pay employment taxes is serious; it may be considered theft in some cases.

Instant Tax Solutions complaints are a rare occurrence. Founders Ian Woodman and Byron Pedersen welcome the opportunity to address any Instant Tax Solutions complaints and always make a diligent effort to resolve them. One of the biggest Instant Tax Solutions complaints the firm hears is that they do not have offices in all 50 states. Their clients often recommend them to friends and family and sometimes an office is out of the way and business must be conducted via telephone or internet. The owners are thankful, however, because as Instant Tax Solutions complaints go, people wishing for more offices is a great one to hear!

Information Nation: So, if a business owner simply can’t pay, then what happens?

A: They can lose their business; even possibly spend time in jail.

Tax Time Topics By Instant Tax Solutions: Complaint About the IRS – Who Can Help?

There are, says Instant Tax Solutions, complaints from time to time about the IRS. Many taxpayers feel as though there is no recourse when an IRS employee misbehaves. That is not the case, says Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints may be made to the Inspector General if the issue involves corruption by an IRS employee; contractors fall into this category. However, personal tax issues, notes Instant Tax Solutions, like complaints about the amount you owe, should not be reported to the Inspector General.

Information Nation: What can a business owner do about unpaid taxes?

A: Not much, but our experts are up to date on IRS policy and may be able to help reduce back employment taxes.

Tiny Tax Tips From Instant Tax Solutions: Complaints Via IRS Form 911

Looking to file a grievance with the IRS about one of its employees? According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints can be handled in many ways. One is to complete IRS Form 911 – requesting an Advocate on your behalf. Instant Tax Solutions says complaints can be handled online or in person if you want to maintain complete confidentiality. Also says Instant Tax Solutions, complaints may be put in front of the Inspector General if they involve an IRS staff member.

Information Nation: Taxes are a tricky business.

Have you searched exhaustively for Instant Tax Solutions complaint information, only to come to the conclusion that the one complaint found online is false? If so, you are not alone. Many taxpayers before you have searched the phrase “Instant Tax Solutions complaint” and they all find the same scripted forum postings. The good news is that Instant Tax Solutions complaints are very far and few in between and when issues do come up, as with any service firm, Instant Tax Solutions’ complaints are resolved, leaving a happy client!

A: Definitely. The laws change frequently, and there are so many intricacies that it’s almost impossible for the average person to keep track of them all.

Instant Tax Solutions Speaks: Complaints about fraudulent firms.

According to Instant Tax Solutions, complaints usually start pouring in toward the end of the year regarding customer disappointments with other tax firms who have promised results and not delivered. Oftentimes consumers pay high fees and get nothing but the runaround by firms who claim big results in hours, says Instant Tax Solutions. The complaint is that once money is paid, the firm seems to stop working on the taxpayer’s case completely. One, possibly the only way, says Instant Tax Solutions, that complaints can be avoided is by researching tax firms and never blindly trusting that everyone has your best interest in mind.

A: That’s true. Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you for speaking with us today.

Facts about Instant Tax Solutions’ Complaint Record:

1. There have been only two Instant Tax Solutions complaints (Posted on the Better Business Bureau website)
2. Even though there are only a couple of Instant Tax Solutions complaints, the firm diligently addressed and resolved both of them.
3. At Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are a serious matter and are not left alone.

A: Thank you.

As noted by Instant Tax Solutions, complaints regarding penalties and fees imposed by the Internal Revenue Service are very common. The IRS makes early collections attempts before fees must be charge, however, according to Instant Tax Solutions, the complaint is that fees are charged very quickly after a violation. Instant Tax Solutions hears complaints that delinquent payroll tax fees are quite high. Justification for these extreme penalties is that refusing to pay them can be taken as a case of theft, reports Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints circling around IRS staff member’s conduct may be addressed to the Inspector General, while issues about money need to be addressed to the IRS directly.

Instant Tax Solutions began in 1998 with a staunch commitment to aid and educate people suffering from IRS tax debt. Today, the firm employs nearly 50 client advocates with more than ten decades of combined tax experience. Rated A+ by the BBB since its inception, Instant Tax Solutions is still treating each client with the same principles of loyalty, passion, and integrity in which founders Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman founded the company.

What happens when Instant Tax Solutions complaints are received by the firm?

For the attentive staff of Instant Tax Solutions, complaints are always handled promptly. Whether or not owners Byron Pedersen or Ian Woodman handle it personally, Instant Tax Solutions complaints are resolved by a tax professional with the utmost urgency. In the days before the Internet, agencies had to wait weeks to have the opportunity to reconnect with customers who had a less than satisfactory experience. Today, however, thanks to the Web, Instant Tax Solutions complaints can be expedited and resolved within hours – the way they should be!

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